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Harry Golombek on Duncan Suttles
Date: Mar 2, 2008 7:32:42 AM PST
Author: Morgan

Harry Golombek's old chess columns in The Times are an
absolute joy to read through. He wrote with an elegance
often missing in current chess journalism, with plenty of
carefree wit tossed in to boot. Golombek would also go into
numerous divergences into Surrealist art, Bletchley Park and
whatever else took his fancy. Here's what he had to say
about Suttles:

'In Bobby Fischer North America possesses a great master
who seems to conduct his life in strict accordance with the
logical principles to be found in Carroll's Alice through the
Looking-glass. Once you accept these principles then
everything he does is perfectly logical and yet (or perhaps
therefore) he is probably the finest tournament plaer of our

On another level, there is the strange Canadian master,
Suttles. During a tournament, or away from one for all I
know, he never willingly gets up before midday. This
treatment of time is on a par with his topsy-turvy methods
of play over the board. For him the ideal development of his
Kkt is KR3 and similarly KB2 is best for the Qkt. I once
thought that, talented player though he undoubtedly is, he
handicapped himself very much with these methods; but I
no longer believe this. This system of play is employed
rather like a red rag to a bull. His opponents, more often
hypnotized by these strange procedures, usually succumb to
a powerful King-side attack.'

('Romantics return', The Times 28th February 1970)


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