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Bruce Harper
Mihajlovic-Suttles, U.S. Open, 1973 (Vol 1, Game 5)
Date: Mar 28, 2008 6:49:58 AM PDT
Author: Bruce Harper

In the database I have, White played 34.Be1, and the final note is correct as given in the book, although the moves in between are a bit suspect (for example, 39.Bxg3! wins for White.

The book gives 34.Bg1, not 34.Be1, in which case Suttles didn't miss a mate in one, and the final variation is fine except that 42...Bf5! is the killing move (42...Qf1+ is impossible, because White's b1-rook covers f1).

I seem to recall someone pointing this out during proofing, but I thought White's bishop was on e1.

Does anyone have any direct knowledge of this game? I have asked that the database on this website be changed to accord with the book.

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